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Jane’s Intelligence Review


* 'Haunting past. Yemen faces challenging transition process'. No. 7, 2012 (July)

* ‘Divided loyalty - Elections test Bosnia-Herzegovina's unity’. No. 9, 2010 (September), pp. 30-37.

* ‘Second division. Police-military tensions remain in East Timor’. No. 2, 2010 (February), pp. 33-37.


 * ‘Meeting of minds’. An Interview With Mehmet Ali Talat, President of the TurkishRepublic of Northern Cyprus. No. 7, 2009 (July), p. 58.

* ‘Bearing gifts. The future of Cypriot negotiations’. No. 5, 2009 (May), pp. 32-37.


* ‘New order. Changing the guard in Kosovo' (on Kosovo’s security sector). No. 4, 2009 (April), pp. 24-27.




* ‘In Yemen, landmines and unexploded ordnance pose grave threats to children’ (text & photos). 12 July 2012


* ‘In Yemen, therapeutic feeding centres treat child malnutrition, educate parents’ (text & photos). 13 July 2012


* ‘La niñez afectada por la crisis de 2011 en Yemen vuelve lentamente a la normalidad mediante los estudios’ (text & photos). 21 Dec  2012

Aftenposten Innsikt



* ‘Pengene flommer fra Øst-Timors “norske” oljefond’ [The money is flowing out ofEast Timor’s “Norwegian” oil fund’] May, pp. 54-55.


* ’Egypt: Formet av migrasjon’ [Egypt: Shaped by migration] March, pp. 26-29.

* ’Nye broer over stengt grense’ [New bridges across a closed border] (on Armenian-Turkish relations] February, pp. 22-23.



* Bosnias tilbakefall’ [Bosnian Backslide], October, pp. 30-31. 

* ’Diplomatisk gjennombrudd eller mikronedrustning?’ [Diplomatic breakthrough or micro-disarmament?] (on the Convention on Cluster Munitions), July-August, pp. 46-47.


* ’Kampen for tilværelsen’ [The struggle for survival] (on the U.S. newspaper industry), June, pp. 78-80.


* ’Oppgjøret etter krigen’ [ After the war, accountability] (a report from the ICC and ICTY in the Hague), June, pp. 24-25.

* ’Øst-Timor: For mye tilgivelse?’ [East Timor: Too much forgiveness?] (on the forgiveness/accountability debate over serious crimes). May, pp. 38-39.


* ’Tyrkia: Omstridt oppgjør med “staten bak staten''”’ [Turkey: Controversy over ‘the state behind the state’] (on the Ergenekon trial) December, pp. 58-60.

* ‘Forsoning gjennom felles historieskriving [Reconciliation Through Joint History Writing] (on alternative school textbooks in the Balkans) November, pp. 20-22.

* ‘India: Forventning om vekst, strid om fordeling’ [India: Expectation of Growth, Disputes over Distribution]. July/August, pp. 44-46


 * ‘Kypros: Dette er hindringene på veien mot fred’ [Cyprus: These are the Stumbling Blocks on the Road to Peace]. May, p. 18.


* ‘Afghanistans kriger og identiteter’ [Afghanistan’s Wars and Identities]. 
April, pp. 36-39. 


*  ‘Kampen om Kosovo er ikke over’ [The Battle Over Kosovo is Not Over]. February,  pp. 14-17.

The World Today


* Bosnia-Herzegovina: State collapse threatens’. Vol. 66 (2010), No. 10, pp. 4-6.

* Cyprus: Best Chance. Last Chance’. Vol. 65 (2009), No. 11, pp. 25-26.

Internationella Studier (Sweden)


* ‘Bosniens väg till upplösning’ [Bosnia’s path to disintegration] no. 3, 2010.

* ‘Kypros-forhandlinger: God vilje, dårlig tid’ [Cyprus Negotiations: Good Will, Short on Time] no. 3, 2009.

* ‘Etnisk splittring hotar Afghanistans och Iraks militära styrkor’ [Ethnic Fragmentation Threatens Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s Armed Forces] no. 1, 2009.

Other outlets


Electronic recycling done right’ (on electric and electronic waste in Norway)
07 June 2010

The casualties of peace in Cyprus’ (on wildlife in the Green Line buffer zone).

08 December 2009



Norwegian development cooperation: International peacemaker’.
No. 17, December 2009


Cyprus: Are old friends offering new hope for unity?' 06 May 


Afghanistan: El puzle etnico
 [Afghanistan: The Ethnic Puzzle]. No. 31, April/June, pp. 45-47 



* 'Langt fram til minefritt Bosnia' [Bosnia's Unsolved Landmine Problem]. 
Online 07.09.2009


* ‘Kosovo mellom krig og krise’ [Kosovo Between War and Crisis], No. 1, 2009, pp. 19-20.



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